2 apples, sliced

4 tbsp spicy mustard

2 tomatoes, sliced

1 pot of fresh basil


Flavourful cheese, sliced

Sourdough bread, sliced

Helpful Hints:
You can fill a grilled sandwich with all means of delicious ingredients. Experiment to find your favourites. It is a good idea to layer the bottom with cheese, add your other ingredients and add a top layer of cheese. Use greaseproof paper in your sandwich iron to avoid unnecessary mess.


Step 1

Recept_Surdegstoast med senap och äpple (2).jpg

Slice the bread and butter two slices.
Slice the tomato and apple.

Step 2

Recept_Surdegstoast med senap och äpple (3).jpg

Place a piece of greaseproof paper in
the sandwich iron and assemble your sandwich.
Place the buttered sides of the bread outwards
and layer your fillings between.

Step 3

Recept_Surdegstoast med senap och äpple_steg3.jpg

Grill your sandwich carefully in the embers.

Step 4

Recept_Surdegstoast med senap och äpple_steg4.jpg

Wrap in sandwich paper and serve.
Bon appétit!