About Muurikka

The original Muurikka story

It all started in Finland, with the now classic
griddle pan. A couple of friends had the idea of splitting a
water kettle to make a large griddle pan for pancakes
that was convenient enough to take on outings.
They soon garnered a lot of interest
from their friends and acquaintances, and after having
sold their griddle pans to local petrol stations in Finland,
Reijo Sistonen developed the idea further.
In 1976, Muurikka was founded.

The name Muurikka was coined with the griddle pan and soon
became a well-known term in Finland. Since then, hundreds
of thousands of griddle pans have been sold, the product range has
grown, and the name Muurikka has become synonymous with griddle pans,
even outside Finland. At campfires and garden parties,
Muurikka’s products naturally complement mealtimes.