Muurikka Griddle pans

The griddle pan is our most well-known product, and for many people the name Muurikka is even synonymous with a griddle pan of cast iron. The first Muurikka griddle pans were made in Finland, by two friends who started making them for their own use – to cook pancakes outdoors. The hot-rolled steel griddle pans became popular with friends and soon began to be sold commercially. Today, Muurikka hobs are a well-known concept in Finland, Sweden and increasingly also in the rest of the Nordic countries. Interest in outdoor cooking is growing steadily and there is plenty of inspiration for those who want to give it a try. Our range of outdoor cooking products has grown and everyone can find a suitable Muurikka griddle pan, whether you want to cook at home in your garden or out in the wilderness.

Cooking with gas or over fire

Muurikka griddle pans can be used with a gas burner or over an open fire. Cast iron griddle pans are available in many different sizes, from the smallest at 38 cm in diameter to the largest with a generous 120 cm in diameter.

Accessories for the griddle pan

The Muurikka range of griddle pans includes many useful accessories. Spatulas, knives and cutting boards are some examples of products that make cooking on a griddle pan outdoors easier and more fun. A practical lid for your griddle pan is perfect when your food needs to simmer for a while. 

Caring for your Muurikka griddle pan

When you have a new griddle pan, you need to start by cleaning it with mild detergent and season it properly. Heat the griddle pan until it darkens and then spread a thin and even layer of fat – such as our frying fat or a neutral cooking oil – over the entire surface before heating the griddle pan thoroughly for about 15 minutes. It's all right if it starts to smoke. Then let the griddle pan cool before wiping it with kitchen paper and applying a new, thin layer of fat.

If you know you won't be using your griddle pan for a long time, we recommend that you clean it thoroughly, re-grease it and store it in a dry place. If your hob has rusted, you can always clean it with steel wool or a wire brush and then re-season and re-grease it. By taking proper care of your Muurikka griddle pan, you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

More and more people are discovering the charm of cooking on a griddle pan of cast iron outside. It's a great way to socialise, food rarely tastes as good as it does when it has been cooked and served outdoors. The possibilities are endless, and you can cook as easy or complicated dishes as you like.