Muurikka smoking oven

Smoking food is neither difficult nor complicated. With a good smoking oven and smoking chips, you'll be up and running in no time, testing your favourite flavours. Try smoking fish, meat and vegetables – your imagination is the only limit. The Recipes tab on this website includes a recipe for smoked mackerel – a real summer classic which is both simple and delicious. 

At Muurikka, you can find many different types of smokers. The Muurikka Stainless Steel smoking box and smoking oven can be used over an open fire or on a charcoal or gas grill. The smoking container is a handy model that can also be used over an open fire, on a gas burner or an electric grill. The electric Smoking ovens 1100W Pro and 1200W Pro are efficient and easy to use when you have access to an electrical outlet. The same goes for the Grill and Smoking ovens, which are also electrically powered and can be used both for grilling and smoking food. 

Flavourful smoking chips

Our smoking chips are made from alder, beech, cherry and apple. We also have chips made from oak barrels used for storing whiskey and cognac. They produce different kinds of smokiness and also have various flavours and sweet aromas. Find your favourite.


Our grill and smoking basket are a practical accessory for all our smoking ovens. It is a fine mesh basket with a non-stick coating that lets you cook small pieces of meat or vegetables without them falling through the grill grid. Available in two different sizes.

There is something special about food that has been cooked outdoors. Muurikka's products are just as suitable in the garden or on the porch at home as they are at the campsite on an outing, all year round. Keep it simple or challenge yourself with a new recipe. In the recipes tab you will find inspiration and suggestions for easy dishes to cook on your Muurikka griddle pan, grill pan, paella pan or smoking oven.