Muurikka started in Finland, by two friends who came up with a completely new way to design a griddle pan for outdoor cooking. This griddle pan is still our most well-known product, and Muurikka griddle pans are a well-known concept in Finland, Sweden and increasingly also in the rest of the Nordic countries. Interest in outdoor cooking is growing steadily and there is plenty of inspiration for those who want to give it a try. Our range of products for outdoor cooking has grown to include much more than griddle pans. We have spatulas in different materials and models that are excellent accessories for your griddle pan.

Our range of spatulas includes many models that are favourites on the hob and on the grill. Spatula, stainless steel/wood 46 cm is a long and narrow spatula that works just as well for flipping pancakes on the griddle pan as it does for mixing ingredients in a wok. 

The wider Multi-Function Spatula, stainless steel/wood is a practical spatula with a specially designed, grooved side that is perfect for cleaning the grill grate or grill pan. The 33 cm stainless steel Spatula, wide is suitable for stirring or serving from a large paella pan. It is wide and easy to handle. The by far biggest one is our Pizza Spatula aluminium

There is something special about food that has been cooked outdoors. Muurikka's products are just as suitable in the garden or on the porch at home as they are at the campsite on an outing, all year round. Keep it simple or challenge yourself with a new recipe. In the recipes tab you will find inspiration and suggestions for easy dishes to cook on your Muurikka griddle pan, grill pan, paella pan or wok. Perhaps you’d like to cook everything for your next Taco Tuesday on the griddle pan? There are also recipes for our pizza stone, sandwich iron and waffle iron. Tasty dishes that are popular with young and old alike. With the right accessories, it's easy to succeed.