Other accessories

Muurikka started in Finland, by two friends who came up with a completely new way to design a griddle pan for outdoor cooking. This griddle pan is still our most well-known product, and Muurikka hobs are a well-known concept in Finland, Sweden and increasingly also in the rest of the Nordic countries. Interest in outdoor cooking is growing steadily and there is plenty of inspiration for those who want to give it a try. Our range of products for outdoor cooking has grown to include much more than griddle pans. Our Accessories category is a clear example of this. It offers a range of practical high quality products. One thing they have in common is that they make cooking easier and more fun. Perfect gifts for yourself or a loved one. Some examples of products you can find in the other accessories category are listed below.

Waffle iron cast iron

Serving waffles cooked over the fire adds the finishing touch to any outing. Bring a thermos or a bottle with waffle batter, plus some tasty toppings, and head out on a trip. Of course, you can stay in your own garden as well. Our waffle iron for grill is made of durable cast iron and has a long handle that makes it easy to use over an open fire. Remember to grease and heat the iron thoroughly before adding the batter, and then turn the iron frequently over the fire to get an evenly grilled waffle. Recipe suggestions can be found under the recipes tab.

Grill basket

A grill and smoking basket let you put small pieces of food on the grill or smoker without the risk of them falling through the grill grid. It’s the perfect accessory for grilling vegetables, for example. The basket has a non-stick coating that prevents food from sticking and is machine washable. Choose between two different sizes, 20x32 cm or 22x40 cm.

Grill press

A cast iron grill press is a great accessory for the grill. Thanks to its weight, it keeps food in place on the grill, shortens grilling time and ensures that your food is grilled evenly. The wooden handle makes it easy to use on the hot grill or griddle pan. Choose between a round or a rectangular Muurikka grill press.

Lid for Griddle pan

With a lid for your griddle pan, you can shorten your cooking time and keep food warm on the griddle pan for longer. Our stainless steel lids are available in three different sizes, 44cm, 58cm and 78cm in diameter. The lid does not have to cover the entire surface of the griddle pan, and on larger griddle pans it can be especially useful to have a lid that covers part of the surface and allows you to cook something else on another part of the griddle pan.

In the Other accessories category, you will find many great products that are excellent for outdoor cooking. For example, our fine stainless steel Damascus knives make great gifts for someone who enjoys cooking. Other favourites include the cast iron sandwich iron and the pizza stone that can be used both in the grill and in the kitchen. We hope you find what you are looking for!