2 eggs

400 ml plain flour

800 ml milk

Liquid butter

200 ml whipped cream
Icing sugar
Lemon balm


Step 1

While indoors, whisk eggs, wheat flour
and half of the milk. Once smooth,
add the rest of the milk and salt.
Pour in a thermos or bottle and bring it out.

Step 2

Light the gas set and brush the universal pan
with liquid butter.

Recept_Pannkakor med grädde och sylt (3).jpg

Pour a thin layer of batter
into each mould.

Recept_Pannkakor med grädde och sylt (4).jpg

Turn the pancakes over when
the underside is golden brown.

The pancakes are done when both sides are golden brown.

Step 3

Serve the pancakes topped with cream,
berries, icing sugar and lemon balm.