4 portion-sized steaks

8 medium potatoes

Salt and black pepper

Seasoned butter:
100 g room-temperature butter
2 minced garlic cloves
½ dl fresh parsley, minced
10 blades of fresh sage, minced
Salt and black pepper


Step 1

Recept_grillad biff (2).jpg

Wrap each potato in foil and cook
over hot coals for 45–50 minutes.

Step 2

Recept_grillad biff (5).jpg

Mix all the ingredients of the seasoned butter together.
Move the butter onto a baking sheet and form it into
a bar using the paper. If possible, store it chilled
before serving.

Step 3

Recept_grillad biff (3).jpg

Grill steaks on a hot pan.
Season with salt and black pepper.