Outdoor kitchen

The Muurikka outdoor kitchen is a favourite spot in the garden during the summer season. Add functional work surfaces, storage and more heat sources with electricity or gas, such as a griddle pan, you can create an inviting space where several people can cook together. This also makes it easier to do more in the outdoor kitchen. With a gas burner in your outdoor kitchen, you can use a pot, a paella pan, a griddle pan or a wok, depending on what you want to cook.

The Muurikka outdoor kitchen consists of our flexible summer kitchen with a cart, with an electric grill or gas burner and practical storage areas. The summer kitchens are well-equipped and stand firmly on the porch, while the wheels on the cart allows for easy movement if necessary. We also have cabinet modules that can be combined to build an even more complete and permanent outdoor kitchen.

Building an outdoor kitchen

Our cabinet modules are available in two different sizes and can easily be combined in a variety of ways to suit your patio. The cabinets have a steel frame and a durable heat-treated pine worktop. Cabinet doors are available in wood or black steel. You can then easily install an electric grill or gas burner on the worktop. The gas burner is ideal for several of our products for example the griddle pan.

The cabinets are 60 cm deep, 73 cm high and 50 cm or 100 cm wide. They can be placed directly on the ground or mounted on wheels for ease of movement. Keep in mind that if you place your Muurikka outdoor kitchen against a wall, you need to install a heat shield on the wall behind the heat source.

There are also other accessories, such as additional side tables with hooks, and utensil hangers that can be mounted on the sides of the cabinets.

Muurikka started in Finland, by two friends who came up with a completely new way to design a griddle pan for outdoor cooking. This griddle pan is still our most well-known product, and Muurikka griddle pan are a well-known concept in Finland, Sweden and increasingly also in the rest of the Nordic countries. Interest in outdoor cooking is growing steadily and there is plenty of inspiration for those who want to give it a try. Our range of products for outdoor cooking has grown to include much more than griddle pan. An outdoor kitchen from Muurikka gives you excellent opportunities to cook outdoors throughout the warm season.