Summer kitchen cabinet with wooden door Premium

ART.NR: 54110410

Cabinet module with steel frame, door and worktop of heat treated pine. Combine modules and build your dream kitchen on your patio. The worktop is perfect for mounting an electric grill or gas burner. Spacious cabinet for e.g. waste bin, pans, etc. and handy drawer provides storage space for various accessories. Add wheels to make your kitchen port able. If the cabinet is mounted against a wall, a heat protection plate must be installed between the heat source and the wall. Width 50 cm, depth 60 cm and height 73 cm. More information and details LessInfoAndDetails
  Article Number DBNo NobbNo Name Type Designation Surface StockUnit CC A mm B mm C mm Dmm Emm ScrewThread MaxWeight Height Length Diameter DoorReturnSpring OtherInformation Color
54110410 Summer kitchen cabinet with wooden door Premium
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