Gas set Pro 48 cm

ART.NR: 5412014H

Complete gas set with gas burner D350 Pro. Griddle pan, 48 m. Gas burner with two stepless adjustable knobs that control the heat of the two gas rings independently of each other, making it possible to have different temperature zones on the griddle pan. Power 7.9 kW. Supplied with cover for gas burner and a tube of frying fat. The set also include s a protective bag and three short legs for using the griddle pan over an open fire, perfect for excursions. The griddle pan should be stored in a dry place. More information and details LessInfoAndDetails
  • Power 7,9kW
  • Two gas rings
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5412014H Gas set Pro 48 cm
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FAQ - Griddle pans and Gas Burners

  • Before you start using your new griddle pan, you need to season it. Start by cleaning it with hot water and a little mild washing-up liquid. Dry the griddle pan by heating it until it is completely dry.

    Fat treatment
    Start by heating the griddle pan on an electric grill, gas burner, charcoal bed or other heat source until it darkens in colour. Then spread a thin, even layer of fat over the entire inner surface of the griddle pan. Use Muurikka frying fat if possible. You can also use regular cooking oil or unsalted frying fat. Repeat this process until the entire surface of the pan is uniformly black. Take extra care to prevent the fat from becoming too thick in the centre of the pan as this may result in an uneven amount of fat being left that can burn and stick.

  • Clean the griddle pan immediately after use, preferably while the griddle pan is still hot. Residues will release more easily and it will prolong the service life of your pan. Do not use washing-up liquid for cleaning. Washing-up liquid will dissolve the grease protecting the griddle pan and you will need to reseason it.

    Cleaning with water:
    1. Wipe off food residues with kitchen towel or a cloth.
    2. Add a little water to the pan and bring to the boil. The water will dissolve residues and makes it easier to clean the griddle pan. Repeat steps 1 and 2 if necessary.
    3. Wipe down the pan and lightly grease the frying surface with cooking oil, Muurikka frying fat or non-stick spray.

    Salt cleaning:
    If the griddle pan is very dirty or if a flavour has settled on the frying surface, the salt cleaning method may come in handy.

    1. Heat the griddle pan and sprinkle with a generous layer of coarse salt.
    2. Let the salt darken in the griddle pan for a few minutes so that it absorbs moisture, dirt and grease.
    3. Scrape off the salt with a spatula.
    4. Pour a little water into the griddle pan and wipe clean.
    5. Lightly grease the frying surface with cooking oil, Muurikka frying fat or non-stick spray. 

  • The griddle pan is durable, but to extend its life it should be stored in a dry place. If you will not be using the griddle pan for an extended period of time, we advise that you thoroughly clean it and season it prior to storing. 

  • If the griddle pan should rust, use a grill brush or steel wool and scour the rust stains until they disappear. Then clean the griddle pan and season it in the same way as before using it for the first time. You can then use it as usual.

  • The most common cause of a gas ring failing is that there is water or spider web clogging the holes in the gas ring, preventing the gas from passing through. Try blowing it clean or turning the gas burner upside down to let the water run out.