Muurikka Gas Set

With a gas set from Muurikka, you’re always ready for outdoor cooking, all year round. A midsummer party, garden event or just an ordinary outdoor lunch tastes even better when it has been prepared on a Muurikka set. More and more people are discovering the benefits of extending the porch season, and a gas set is a great alternative or complement to your charcoal grill or gas grill if you enjoy outdoor cooking. 

In addition to the griddle pan itself, our gas sets include a sturdy metal stand and a gas burner. The gas burner has two or three gas rings with stepless individual knobs. This makes it easy to adjust the heat on the griddle pan, and lets you cook with different temperature zones. This is perfect when you need to cook one dish on the pan and keep another one warm. 

Sets in many sizes

Muurikka's gas sets with griddle pan are available in several different sizes. The smallest griddle pan has a with a diameter of 48 cm and the largest one has a generous diameter of 120 cm. With such a set, you can cook meals for many people. The Muurikka 78 and Muurikka 58 set are our best sellers. All sets can also be supplemented with side tables that provide practical work surfaces for bowls and accessories. 

Caring for your Muurikka set

Cooking with a gas set is both convenient and fun. The stand provides a comfortable working height and allows the set to be easily placed in your outdoor kitchen or next to the grill. When you have a new griddle pan, you need to start by cleaning it with mild detergent and season it properly. Heat the pan until it darkens and then spread a thin and even layer of fat over the entire surface before heating the set at maximum effect for about 15 minutes.

If you know you won't be using your outdoor frying pan for a long time, we recommend that you clean it thoroughly, re-grease it and store it in a dry place. If your outdoor frying pan has rusted, you can always clean it with steel wool or a wire brush and then re-season and re-grease it. By taking proper care of your pan, you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

Accessories for the set

In addition to the outdoor frying pan included in the set, many of our other products work well on the gas burner. Vary your cooking with our wok pan, paella pan or saucepan, for example. You'll also find excellent accessories for your gas set in the form of spatulas, knives and chopping boards. Our range also includes a practical lid that is ideal for the gas sets. The lid doesn’t have to cover the entire cooking surface but can be used to cover parts of the food being cooked. 

A Muurikka gas set gives you and your outdoor cooking great possibilities and the best possible conditions to succeed. So invite the neighbours over for an informal lunch in the garden, or make a pancake batter and surprise the family with breakfast on the patio. Food cooked on a Muurikka is liked by young and old alike.