Gas burner D500

ART.NR: 54130080

Fast and efficient gas burner made of enamelled steel. The burner has two stepless adjustable knobs that control the heat of the two gas rings independently of each other, making it possible to have different temperature zones on the griddle pan/pan. Power 14.1 kW. Outer ring Ø 50 cm, inner ring Ø 30 cm. Note: Burner only.
  • Fast and efficient
  • Power 14,1kW
  • Two gas rings
  Article Number DBNo NobbNo Name Type Designation Surface StockUnit CC A mm B mm C mm Dmm Emm ScrewThread MaxWeight Height Length Diameter DoorReturnSpring OtherInformation Color
54130080 Gas burner D500
54130070 Gas burner D600
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FAQ - Gas Burners

  • The most common cause of a gas ring failing is that there is water or spider web clogging the holes in the gas ring, preventing the gas from passing through. Try blowing it clean or turning the gas burner upside down to let the water run out.