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Muurikka Protective Hood for Set 78

Product number: 54910070
Legacy product code: TO6908

Protective cover for the 78 Set. Protects the set from dirt and moisture.


Muurikka Protective Hood for the 78 Set

  • Fits the Muurikka Set 78
  • Tightening strap at the lower edge
  • Protects the set from dirt and moisture
  • Protective hood diameter 95 cm, height 31 cm

Protective cover for protecting both the burner and the pan on it at the same time available as an accessory. This way, the entire set is protected from dirt and moisture. Fits the 78 set.

Stylish water-repellent protective hood. Fits the Muurikka 78 Set. Easy protection for a gas burner and pan. Tightening strap at the lower edge of the cover. Remove the protective hood before heating the Muurikka pan and gas burner and only put it back once they have cooled down. We recommend washing by hand.


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Diameter: 95 cm
Height: 31 cm

Freight weight: 0.24 kg