Frying pan Carbon steel 30 cm

ART.NR: 54090030

Carbon steel frying pan. Perfect on a grill or over an open fire. The pan's base design distributes heat evenly across the pan. Withstands the use of metal utensils. Grease the pan regularly to obtain a non-stick surface. Supplied with silicone handle protection. Upper diameter 30 cm, bottom 24,5 cm.
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54090030 Frying pan Carbon steel 30 cm

FAQ - Carbon steel wok and paella pans

  • Bring the pan to the boil before use. Then clean with mild washing-up liquid. Wipe clean. Heat the pan and grease with cooking oil, Muurikka frying fat or non-stick spray. This protects from rusting and improves the frying properties. If the pan is damaged or the fat has been washed off, reseason it.

  • Clean the pan with hot water. If food residues have stuck to the pan, soak it and/or scrub it with steel wool. Do not use washing-up liquid as it will remove the grease from the surface.  

  • It is normal for the surface of the pan to change colour after some use.