Wilderness kitchen Large Stainless steel

ART.NR: 54530030

Wilderness kitchen in stainless steel. Easy to carry and easy to assemble. Prepare your favourite food on the grill grid when you’re out on a picnic or hike. Choose a place for the wilderness kitchen where there is no risk of fire spreading or damaging land and vegetation. The protective bag supplied protects the rest of your packing from dirt and soot after the kitchen has been used. Two different types of grids are included, one for grilling and one for the different accessories. Dimensions once assembled: 19 x 28.8 x 25 cm. Dimensions unassembled in protective bag: 32 cm x 28 x 2 cm. More information and details LessInfoAndDetails
  • Easy to mount
  Article Number DBNo NobbNo Name Type Designation Surface StockUnit CC A mm B mm C mm Dmm Emm ScrewThread MaxWeight Height Length Diameter DoorReturnSpring OtherInformation Color
54530020 Wilderness kitchen Stainless steel
54530030 Wilderness kitchen Large Stainless steel
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