Campfire frying pan, foldable Carbon steel 42 cm

ART.NR: 54520080

Handy and lightweight carbon steel campfire frying pan. Foldable handle. Perfect over an open fire thanks to the long ergonomic handle. Can be used with metal utensils. Pan diameter 24 cm. Handle 42 cm. Supplied in a protective bag.
  • Handy
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable handle
  Article Number DBNo NobbNo Name Type Designation Surface StockUnit CC A mm B mm C mm Dmm Emm ScrewThread MaxWeight Height Length Diameter DoorReturnSpring OtherInformation Color
54520080 Campfire frying pan, foldable Carbon steel 42 cm
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FAQ - Carbon steel wok and paella pans

  • Bring the pan to the boil before use. Then clean with mild washing-up liquid. Wipe clean. Heat the pan and grease with cooking oil, Muurikka frying fat or non-stick spray. This protects from rusting and improves the frying properties. If the pan is damaged or the fat has been washed off, reseason it.

  • Clean the pan with hot water. If food residues have stuck to the pan, soak it and/or scrub it with steel wool. Do not use washing-up liquid as it will remove the grease from the surface.  

  • It is normal for the surface of the pan to change colour after some use.