Discover our new gas sets

New design, still the original

Introducing our new gas sets – a range of various sizes, featuring a new user-friendly design. All sets include smart features that make cooking fun and easy. The details are carefully selected with an emphasis on materials, quality, and functionality.

A gas set with a gas burner is an obvious favorite for the patio, perfect for preparing both everyday food and festive meals. Our sets come in various sizes, all with practical working heights and convenient features. The griddle pan is made of hot-rolled steel and only gets better with use.

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Smart Features and Sleek Design

All our new gas sets include a sturdy metal stand, an enamel- coated gas burner with integrated ignition, two or three gas rings, and a griddle pan. Side tables, utensil hooks, protective covers, spatulas, lids, and various pans are available as accessories.

  • Working height of 90 cm.
  • Knob with integrated ignition and clear markings to easily control the heat distribution on the griddle pan.
  • Heat is individually adjustable on the two or three gas rings, allowing for different temperature zones on the griddle.
  • Choose from a range of accessories: side tables, utensil hooks, protective covers, utensils, lid with thermometer, and various pans.
  • The entire product is CE marked.
  • Bowl-shaped wind shield with a bottom that protects the flames. The shape directs heat upwards towards the griddle and reduces gas consumption.
  • Griddle pan made of hot-rolled steel, built to last for generations.
  • Hourglass shape makes the set elegant and stable.
  • Shelf under the gas burner for convenient storage.
  • Robust legs with a D-profile.

A Range for Everyone

Gas set 48/58/78/100/120 cm

Our gas sets come in various sizes and are perfect for both small and large patios. Choose the one that suits you best. Each set includes a hot-rolled steel griddle, an enamel-coated gas burner, a sturdy metal stand with a wind shield, and a practical storage shelf. The gas burner features a knob with integrated ignition, and the heat can be individually adjusted on the two or three gas rings, allowing for different temperature zones on the griddle.

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Picnic Gas Set 48 cm

The Picnic model is perfect for tabletop use or to take on outings. The set includes a griddle pan, Ø48 cm. The gas burner features two continuously adjustable knobs to control the heat on the two gas rings independently. The set also works well in combination with our other small and medium-sized griddles and pans. The stand and wind shield are made of black-coated steel.

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Our accessories in a new design make cooking both more enjoyable and easier. The utensils are made of stainless steel, with handles crafted from FSC-certified smoked ash wood. This durable, hard, and beautiful wood is heat-treated for long- lasting durability. Treat yourself or give as a gift to someone who appreciates a good meal in the forest, by the sea, or in the garden.

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