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Our customers’ favourite products

We put together our customers’ favourite products and comments. With comments and customer reviews like “It does not bend even in high heat. Truly a non-stick surface. The best pan I’ve ever had” (Kenno frying pan 28 cm ), “A great outdoor kitchen appliance for fish smoking and many other types of cooking. ” (Muurikka Electric Smoking Oven PRO 1200 W Black Edition ), we are proud of the comments and reviews provided by our customers. Thank you!

Read on and see why our customers like these products! If you have purchased any of our products from our online store or reseller, log in or create a user account and enter your product review. Each month, from the pool of people who have written a review, someone will win a EUR 50 gift certificate, read more.

Kenno frying pan

The Kenno frying pan is an absolute favourite of our customers for frying pans. Frying and stewing capabilities of cast iron, coated, non-stick frying pan and with easy maintenance. There are two sizes to choose from, 24 cm and 28 cm, and two new products arrive in the series: Kenno Casseroles.

Baking paper

Five stars, and doesn’t surprise me one bit! Durable and reusable baking paper lasts up to 1,000 uses and is very easy to clean thanks to the non-stick coating.

Mari Cooker non-stick with simmer pot

The Cooker pot is at its best in the preparation of food that burns easily to the bottom, such as porridge, sauces, puddings and scrambled eggs. The food does not burn to the bottom and is heated in a water bath and cooked to perfection almost on its own.

Knife sharpener

Safe and easy-to-use knife sharpener keeps the kitchen’s large and small knives sharp. Using a dull knife can be dangerous when you have to use more force and should the knife slip the resulting wound could be worse than one made with a sharp knife.

Muurikka Electric Smoking Oven PRO 1200 W

The PRO Electric Smoking Oven is the end result of our customers’ wishes. Temperature control brings a lot of use to a classic product, and the temperature can be easily monitored with a thermometer attached to the unit. Excess moisture and smoke is exhausted from the vent at the rear.

Muurikka Nokkela Smokeless Charcoal Grill

The Finnish magazine, Tekniikan maailma, rated this product #1 in a comparison testing. A small charcoal grill comes with the carrying case, provides even temperature and a long grilling time. A small Muurikka Pan is available separately as an accessory!

Muurikka Camping frying pan, without a handle

A self-made handle is attached to the small frying pan Long-lasting and a great gift idea for a hiker.

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