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Tundra Grill Touch-up Paint, black

Product number: 43001010
Legacy product code: 43001010

Black Tundra Grill’s Touch-up paint is for repairing scratches and wear.


Thundra Grill Touch-up paint

  • Package size 340 g
  • Pressure pack
  • Read the instructions for use carefully before use

If, despite the maintenance of your Tundra Grill, develops scratches or paint wears off in places, we recommend that you repair the worn paint surface with Tundra Grill Touch-up paint as soon as possible. First clean the area to be repainted thoroughly of soot and grease, and allow to dry. If the worn area has already rusted, thoroughly clean the rust before painting. Treat the clean and dry area with Tundra Grill Touch-up paint according to the instructions on the packaging.


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WARNING! Extremely flammable liquid and vapour. Vapours can ignite quickly. The vapour is hazardous. Causes eye and skin irritation. Pressure pack.
Net weight 340 g


ONLY USE IN A WELL-VENTILATED SPACE. Stove Bright is a premium fast-drying heat-resistant paint for wood-, pellet- and gas-fired stoves, pipes, steam boilers, melting furnaces, radiators, engines, exhausts, intake and exhaust manifolds, heaters, silencers and outdoor grills with a maximum temperature of 650°C. Stove Bright High Temperature Primer is a heat-resistant primer for outdoor use. The paints should not be used for kitchen stoves with a porcelain finish.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: The temperature of the painted surface, surrounding air and aerosol has to be 16–32°C. Remove dust, stains, rust and grease; remove loose paint by scratching. Rub glossy paint until rough using fine sandpaper.

WARNING! If you scratch, sand or remove old paint from a painted surface, lead dust can be released.

LEAD IS POISONOUS. Shake the can properly for at least two minutes after the mixing ball rattles. Keep the can 30–38 cm away from the surface painted. Spray evenly. Two or three thin layers result in a better surface than one thick layer.

NOTE! The paint releases gas and fumes while it is not fully dry. Ventilate by opening windows and doors and by using fans. Avoid breathing fumes and gases.

Contains acetone, toluene and n-butanol. May also contain xylene, aluminium, power distillates, dichrome trioxide, 1,2,4-trimethylbenzene, 2-butoxyethanol, ethylbenzene, isopropanol and cobalt. The vapour is hazardous. Can affect the brain or nervous system, causing dizziness, headache or nausea. Causes nasal and throat irritation. Can be harmful if absorbed through the skin. The can must not be punctured or burnt. Exposure to heat or long-term exposure to sunlight can cause cracking. Do not expose to heat or store in temperatures above 50°C.

NOTE! Repeated and long-term exposure to solvents can cause permanent brain or nervous system damage. Can harm the liver and kidneys. In addition, concentrated substance ending up in the lungs is harmful and can be life-threatening.
Vapours can ignite very quickly. Do not expose to heat, sparks or flame. Smoking prohibited. Put out all flames and pilot fires and turn off stoves, heaters, electric motors and other sources of ignition for the duration of use and until all vapours have evaporated. Ventilate properly and prevent vapours from accumulating by opening all windows and doors.

Only use the product if there is adequate ventilation. Do not breathe in vapours or spray. See to the supply of fresh air during painting, drying and the first three times of burning. If your eyes get watery, you experience headache or dizziness or an air monitoring device indicates that the permitted limits for vapours/mist are exceeded, use a suitable mask/respirator approved by NIOSH/occupational safety and health department during and after painting. Not using such personal protective equipment may lead to permanent brain and nervous damage. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using the personal protective equipment. Avoid getting the substance in the eyes, skin and clothes. Wash carefully after use.

PLEASE RECYCLE THE CAN! Do not throw the empty can into a waste bin or incinerator.

FIRST AID: If you have difficulty breathing, go outside to breathe fresh air. If the difficulty persists, immediately seek medical attention. If the substance ends up in your eyes or your skin, immediately rinse with copious amounts of water for at least 15 minutes. Immediately seek medical attention. If the substance ends up inside your body, do not try to vomit. Immediately call a doctor.