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Tundra Grill Fireplace Bowl Replacement Base BBQ/Apetivo/Horna

Product number: 43001175
Legacy product code: 43001175

Replacement base Tundra Grill BBQ, Apetivo or Horna. Installation requires an angle grinder. Does not include an ashpan.


The replacement base is placed on the old base. When installing a new base, cut off a piece the size of the ashpan door from the centre of the old base and install the new base so that the ashpan door of the replacement base goes through the hole. The replacement base has slots for the intermediate pipes of the grill plates, along with which the replacement base sets on the old base. The replacement base is placed correctly when the welds of the old and new bases are aligned. You will need an angle grinder, for example, for installing the replacement base to cut off the required piece from the old base.


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Material: steel
Colour: black
Dimensions: firepit Ø approx. 80 cm

Freight weight: 10.76 kg

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