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Tundra Grill Outer flue set

Product number: 43001000

The flue pipe set includes a flue pipe, support collar and rain collar.


  • The set includes a flue pipe, support collar and rain collar
  • Flue pipe diameter 36 cm and height 62 cm

The flue pipe can only be directly used in buildings with no heat insulation or suspended ceilings. If you are planning to install a Tundra Grill fireplace in a building that has heat insulation or suspended ceilings, you will need a custom-made fire-insulated flue piping. When building a fire-insulated flue piping, it is advisable to contact the local fire safety authority.

The flue pipe is intended to make sure that the heating chimney routed through the roof is located a safe distance from the roof structures. The flue pipe is taken inside the building through a hole made in the roof from the outside, and it hangs on its support collar on the roof top. The chimney parts are routed through the flue pipe into the building from the outside and attached to the smoke hood of the Tundra Grill.



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