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Muurikka Summer Kitchen Cart Maxi, grey

Product number: 54110080
Legacy product code: TO792G

Stylish metal-body Summer Kitchen cart with lots of storage space for accessories and supplies.


Muurikka Summer Kitchen cart Maxi, grey

The wheels of the cart make moving it easier, and the side tables of the cart give you more space for cooking. The side tables can be lowered down so that the cart takes up less space. The cart also features a lot of storage space for utensils and supplies, such as pans and smokers. The Summer Kitchen cart can be fitted with Muurikka Gas burner D-350, (of the old gas burners, also D-300 01070116.1 and D-400 01070117.1 fit) or Muurikka Electric Grill table model. Can also be used as a table for an electric smoking oven, for example.

We recommend that you buy a Summer Kitchen Protective Cover with the Summer Kitchen cart; the water-repellent cover protects it from moisture and dust.

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Height: 78 cm
Width with the side tables down: 70 cm
Width with the side tables up: 135 cm
Depth: 47 cm

Freight weight: 18.41 kg

Summer Kitchen carts are kept tidy and last longer with regular care. Sun, humidity, air pollution and temperature fluctuations affect the surfaces of carts. Regular cleaning, seeing to the condition of the surface treatment and proper storage help the carts to be preserved better. The best storage place during winter for carts is a dry, cool and ventilated space. In summer, the carts are stored the best under a shelter.

Cleaning: With a moist towel, you can use a mild detergent for cleaning. Dry the wooden parts immediately after cleaning.

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