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Muurikka Chef’s Side Towel

Product number: 54920670


Black kitchen towel with a Muurikka logo. Size 50 x 70 cm. 100% cotton. Wash before use. Muurikka Chef’s side towel works great in summer kitchen and barbecue. Instead of the traditional white towel, this is a versatile black towel with which a summer-time cook can use, for example, to handle, wipe and dry dishes. Cotton fabric doesn’t stain as easily and is ecological. It is a good idea to have more kitchen towels, because the side towel should always be clean, dry and always within the reach of the chef. Note that a damp or wet cloth will no longer insulate your hands from the heat. When not in use, the side towel can be hung neatly on the chef’s apron, either behind it, or on the chef’s side.

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