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Muurikka Grill / Smoking Basket 20×30 cm

Product number: 54920080
Legacy product code: 20010-1

The Grill/Smoking Basket is suitable for all kinds of grills and smokers.


Muurikka grill and smoking basket 22×40 cm

The non-stick  coating of the grill and smoking basket makes grilling and smoking easy! Food will not stick or fall off the grating. You can easily also grill smaller pieces of food. Suited for all kinds of grills, and works great in smokers as well. An eco-friendly product for continuous use.

Put the food to be cooked in the basket and place the Grill/Smoking Basket on the grill grating or in the smoking oven. Stir the food occasionally while grilling with a spatula and turn the basket to achieve an even outcome. Supervise the cooking and grill slowly. Do not use sharp utensils or lift the basket from the corners. There must be a gap of at least 10 cm between the grill grating and embers. Do not grill if flames are visible. In charcoal grilling, the embers should be grey, maximum temperature 260°C. Only hand wash.


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Dimensions: 20 cm x 32 cm
Material: Non-stick coated woven glass cloth

Freight weight: 0.091 kg

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