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Muurikka Firestarter

Product number: 54920530
Legacy product code: TO6925

Muurikka Firestarter is an ecological fire starting set that allows you to a start a fire anywhere.


Muurikka Firestarter is a kindling set in a convenient small and flat package. An ecological kindling with no hazardous materials. Made form 100% recycled cardboard and wood waste, as well as plant-based stearin. The cardboard has five holes for setting up pine sticks. The cardboard is topped with chips and stearin, lit up using the included matches.

The package contains:

  • 5 pine sticks
  • 1 cardboard with chips and stearin
  • 5 matches and striking surface
  • Instructions for use

Muurikka Firestarter is easy to take along on a camping trip, for example. Firestarer is also a good little gift idea!


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