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Muurikka 100 Original side table (2 pcs)

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High-quality side tables made of heat-treated Finnish pine for Muurikka 100/120.


Muurikka 100/120 Original side tables (2 pcs)

  • The side tables fit Muurikka 100 and 120
  • The side tables offer additional space for cooking
  • Made of ecological Finnish heat-treated pine
  • The package contains two side tables
  • Side table dimensions 37 x 50 cm
  • Easy to fit

Side tables for Muurikka 100 and 120. High-quality side tables provide ample additional space for cooking. The side tables are made of high-quality Finnish heat-treated pine. The sturdy side tables remain well in place, and they are easy to fit. The package contains two side tables.


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