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Smoked chicken wings with smoky mayonnaise

The recipe yields the best results when cooking with the Muurikka Electric Smoking Oven PRO.

1 package of marinated chicken wings
Smoke the chicken wings in the smoking oven at level 3 (200°C) for 30 minutes or until the wings are coloured and crisp.

Smoky mayonnaise

• 1 carrot
• 1 onion
• 1/4 celeriac
• 5 dl oil
• 3 eggs
• 1 tsp Dijon mustard
• a pinch of salt

Cut the vegetables into large pieces. Smoke the pieces for 10 minutes in the smoking oven at level 3 (~ 200°C). Leave the smoked vegetables in the oil for the night. Strain the oil on the following day and keep for later. Crack the eggs into a high and narrow dish. Add the mustard. Pour the oil into the dish carefully so that the yolks are not broken. Press the stick blender into the dish so that the eggs are under the stick blender. Start the stick blender and let it work in the dish. Gradually lift the stick blender upwards letting the oil run down and be mixed with the eggs.


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