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Hot chili with beans and bread

Ingredients (4 servings): Chili: 500 g minced meat 400 g canned bean mix 1 yellow onion, chopped 2 minced garlic […]

French toast with coffee on an open fire

This luxury breakfast is easy to prepare outdoors, or served as a delicious dessert pan – French toast and coffee made in a pot over the fire are always a good choice. Preparation is quicker when you mix the batter and cinnamon sugar at home.


Apple and honey pizza

The apple pizza is a festive, easy-to-make delicacy that can be enjoyed both as dessert at dinner or as a snack, or with a cup of coffee. The pizza stone can be used on an electric grill or in the kitchen oven.


Potato waffles with jam

A slightly more filling waffle that is perfect for replenishing your energy supply – when out sledding, on the beach or in the garden. Serve with jam, berries or fruit in season.


Fried veggies with cheese

Sometimes simple is best, particularly out on a hike or picnic. When the vegetables are pre-prepared at home, an outdoor lunch can be ready to serve in record time.


Friday tacos Muurikka style

Enjoy a Friday night on the terrace, or why not in the forest. Here, we have used a pan set equipped with a gas burner, but the dish can equally well be grilled on an open fire. Serve directly from the Muurikka Pan.


Beef burgers with extra everything

Homemade hamburgers can equally well be served at a garden party or for lunch on the terrace. Use a griddle/grill pan, or the smooth side of the pan – both have ample room for both frying the hamburger patties and warming up the buns.