Low fire pit, special edition 80 Black

ART.NR: 43001267

Rugged and easy-care fire pit made of Finnish steel. The cooking/roasting height can be easily set with a pin. Can be used with both charcoal and wood. Supplied with funnel, rain cap, two height-adjustable reversible shelves, coffee pot hook, 1.5 l coffee pot for open fire, griddle pan 38 cm, box of kindling, two broiling boards, sausage grid, ash pan, grill fork and reversible oven grate. Exterior dimensions Ø 94 cm, fire pit Ø 80 cm, work height 45 cm. More information and details LessInfoAndDetails
  • Rugged
  • Easy-care
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43001267 Low fire pit, special edition 80 Black
43001266 Low fire pit, special edition 80 Antique silver