High fire pit City Antique silver

ART.NR: 43007050

Fire pit made of Finnish steel. Perfect for cooking or as a wood-burning stove. Can be used with both charcoal and wood. Designed for outdoor use even in urban environments. Compact model suitable for terraces, gazebos or gardens. The spark screen can be turned 360 degrees around the fire pit, effectively stops sparks and is easy to push to the sid e. Outside dimensions Ø 94 cm, fire pit Ø 58 cm. Work height 80 cm. Supplied with funnel, rain cap, height-adjustable reversible shelf, griddle pan 38 cm, box of kindling, ash pan, grill fork and reversible oven grate. More information and details LessInfoAndDetails
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  Article Number DBNo NobbNo Name Type Designation Surface StockUnit CC A mm B mm C mm Dmm Emm ScrewThread MaxWeight Height Length Diameter DoorReturnSpring OtherInformation Color
43006050 High fire pit City Black
43007050 High fire pit City Antique silver
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