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Muurikka Summer Kitchen GAS MAXI, black

Product number: 54110120
Legacy product code: TO911

The Summer Kitchen GAS MAXI is a versatile set for the summer cook! With the Summer Kitchen, you can cook everything from starters to desserts. Easy to clean after use.


Muurikka Summer Kitchen GAS MAXI

  • The most versatile package for summer outdoor cooking
  • The Summer Kitchen cart has pine side tables, body is steel painted black
  • The side tables of the cart offer additional space for cooking; they can be moved down
  • Powerful gas burner D-350 with short legs, 2 gas rings and regulators
  • Revised fixed gas burner wind deflector
  • Gas burner power 7.9 kW
  • Genuine and original Muurikka Pan 58 cm, the pan can be stored in the supplied protective bag
  • Includes a Muurikka Lid 58 cm

The Summer Kitchen GAS MAXI is a versatile set for the summer cook! The included versatile Muurikka Pan is handy, thanks to its large size. It heats up more in the middle than at the edges, making it possible to cook different ingredients at the same time. This way, you can cook a diverse meal even for a larger group of people! You can cook steaks at the middle and sides at the edges where the heat is not as intense. On a Muurikka Pan, you can cook all kinds of food: meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, and of course pancakes for dessert! The Muurikka Pan can be conveniently stored in the supplied protective bag.

A variety of accessories are available for making your Summer Kitchen suit your own look and needs. With the accessories, you can smoke, cook, grill and even make paella or wok for a larger group! The Summer Kitchen is easy to clean after cooking by boiling some water on the pan and wiping food scraps away. This way, the pan is again ready for the next  Muurikka session!

The wheels of the cart make moving it easier, and the side tables of the cart give more space for cooking. The side tables can be lowered down so that the cart takes up less space. The cart also features a lot of storage space for utensils and supplies, such as pans and smokers. Powerful gas burner with two gas rings and regulators provides even heat in a moment. The D-350 gas burner has a revised fixed wind deflector. The gas burner has two separate regulators and gas rings that can be used separately or together; for example, if you want to put a smaller pan on the burner, you can use the inner ring alone. A wide range of accessories of Muurikka Pans, such as wok and paella pans, and a smoking container, is available for use with the gas burner. You can add accessories to the Summer Kitchen to match your exact needs.

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  1. juha.m.harju

    Kasausohjeet on ok, mutta ruuvipaketin sisältö ei vastaa mitä pitäs olla. Hyllyjen kiinnitysruuvit pitäisi olla pidemmät, työläs saada kiinni runkoon.

  2. Sara / Opa Muurikka

    Hei Juha, kiitos arvostelusta! Toivottavasti olet ollut muuten tyytyväinen tuotteeseen. Välitän kommenttisi tuotekehitykseemme. Jos tulee mitään kysyttävää, ole yhteydessä asiakaspalveluumme tai hyödynnä chat -palveluamme.

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Dimensions assembled: 135 x 74 x 90 cm
Packaging size: width 101 cm, height 63 cm and depth 41 cm.

Summer Kitchen cart
Colour: black
Material:  pine and painted steel

Muurikka Pan
Diameter: 58 cm
Material: hot-rolled steel

Gas burner D-350 with short legs
Power: 7.9 kW
Gas: Liquid gas
Pressure: 30 mbar
Material: enamelled steel

Freight weight: 32.246 kg

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