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Muurikka 38 cm Griddle Pan in coverbag

Product number: 54010020
Legacy product code: 01010138

Even though the product name Muurikka has become the Finnish common name for all outdoor frying pans, there is only one genuine Muurikka.


Muurikka Pan 38 cm in protective bag

  • Genuine and original Muurikka Pan
  • Suitable for open fire, electric grill, gas burner or other types of grills
  • In terms of size, fits the grill plates of Tundra Grills perfectly
  • Very long-lived pan with care
  • Comes with use and care instructions
  • The pan can be used for cooking many kinds of foods: vegetables, sausages, pancakes, bubble and squeak…

A classic pan that only gets better over the years. Muurikka Pans are very versatile; you can use them on an open fire, in diverse grills etc. Muurikka Pan 38 cm is well suited for use on the grill plates of Tundra Grills. Well-suited for use on the Tundra Grill Notski or Muurikka Picnic Grill. With this sturdy pan, you can cook everything from appetisers to desserts. Proper care makes Muurikka Pan your lifetime partner.

1 review for Muurikka 38 cm Griddle Pan in coverbag

  1. Romi Juutinen (verified owner)

    Ostin 30.5.20 verkkokaupasta Muurikka pannu 38 cm ja korokerenkaan. Ostin pannun ja korokerenkaan aiemmin hankkimaani Muurikan Nokkelaan savuttomaan hiiligrilliin, jotta saisin monipuolisemman ja toimivamman paketin. Olen pitänyt tosi paljon Muurikka pannusta ja korokerenkaasta. Olen tehnyt Muurikka pannulle rasvanpolton Muurikan Silavalla ja viimeistellyt rasvanpolton jälkeen Muurikan Paistospraylla. Muurikka pannun mukana tulee kätevä kantokassi, sillä on
    helppo ottaa Muurikka pannu mukaan kavereille luo grillijuhliin.

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Diameter: 38 cm Material: hot-rolled steel

Freight weight: 3.084 kg

Muurikka Pan Getting started and Care Manual (PDF) Proper care makes Muurikka Pan your lifetime partner. Even though the Muurikka Pan is made of sturdy iron, it also needs a little care. With these instructions, you can keep your pan in good shape for years and avoid rust. Taking a Muurikka Pan into use Clean the new pan by washing it with a mild cleaner or hot water and season the pan immediately after cleaning as follows: Heat the pan hot on a gas burner, electric grill or campfire and apply a thin and even layer of Muurikka Silava Frying Fat or oil throughout the pan surface. The fat must not trickle thickly onto the pan bottom because, if it lumps, the fat will burn into an uneven mass. Apply a few layers of fat and wait for the fat to be sucked up before use. The fat will darken and dry onto the pan, at least at the centre of the pan. The pan will darken further in use and gain more patina. Cleaning Always clean the pan after use. The best results are achieved by cleaning the pan immediately after use. Pour a drop of water on the pan, bring it to boil and clean the pan with a spatula and paper towel. Wipe the pan dry and grease the frying surface lightly with cooking oil or salt-free Muurikka Silava Frying Fat. Storage Before long-term storage, clean, dry and grease the pan by heating it with Muurikka Silava Frying Fat (heating will remove moisture from the pan and Silava Frying Fat will prevent rust). Store the pan in a dry place. If your Muurikka Pan is rusty If the pan has been exposed to moisture during storage and is rusty, don’t worry. Scrub the pan with steel wool or grill brush, clean and season it according to the instructions on taking a Muurikka Pan into use. This way, your pan will be good to go again. Old salt tip When your Muurikka Pan is dirty or you want to clean the pan between dishes with different tastes, salt is a good trick. Spread salt generously on the Muurikka Pan and keep a low heat on for a few minutes. The salt will suck up fat, moisture and stains. Once the stains have been sucked up, scrape the salt off with a spatula, for example, pour a drop of water on the pan and wipe the pan clean. Last, remember to dry and grease the pan well. This way, your Muurikka Pan will be as good as new again.

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