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At Muurikka, we have been working for Finnish outdoor cooking for decades. Muurikka brings people together to enjoy cooking. We continuously look for new ways of creating memorable moments and shared experiences.

Muurikka Pan is legendary in Finland; many sausage and pancake meals have been cooked in one during summer nights. Nowadays, Muurikka provides an extensive range of utensils and accessories for outdoor cooking. Muurikka and food cooked with one has in fact brought thousands of Finns together in a natural way – to have a god time. We are continuing these Finnish traditions also today in our extensive product range developed for leisure outdoor use.

We aim for sustainable development and functional high-quality products that create a cosy atmosphere for cooking outdoors and stand the test of time.

One of the key starting points of our product design is the feedback and development ideas from our customers. Together with our products, we develop our products to be even better.

Here are our great new products for you.

Read the newest Muurikka brochure! Our brochure shows the entire Muurikka range, the well-known classics and a lot of new products and inspiration for outdoor cooking around the year. 

Welcome to the world of Muurikka!


Muurikka’s extensive smoker and smoking supply range offers everything you need for a successful smoking experience. Whether you use an open fire or electricity to smoke, it makes all the food juicy from appetisers to desserts.

Premium Summer Kitchen

Muurikka Premium Summer Kitchen is a completely new entity, the high-quality modules of which can be used to assemble a suitable outdoor kitchen for your own yard or terrace. The Premium Summer Kitchen can be combined with both electric and gas heat sources as well as the familiar Muurikka pans.

Summer Kitchens

Muurikka Summer Kitchen is a unique concept with which you can cook using the method of your choice. Depending on the source of heat, you can grill, fry, grilster, smoke or boil the food. A Muurikka Summer Kitchen comes in three standard set-ups: Summer Kitchen GAS, Summer Kitchen GAS MAXI and Summer Kitchen ELECTRIC.

Electric Grills

A very powerful electric grill is suited for the most demanding users – it heats up quick and thanks to the stepless power adjustment, it is ideal for many kinds of grilling. The grill is very easy to keep clean – under the grill grid, there is a drip tray collecting any dripping fat. There are various accessories for the grill, and it is compatible with the different Muurikka Pans, Grilster and Smoking Container, for example. The Muurikka Nokkela Electric Grill and Smoking Oven is suitable for versatile cooking, grilling and smoking, you just change the position of the heating element. The compact grill is well suited for use on a balcony, for example.


Muurikka Firepits are made of thick Finnish steel and manufactured in Finland. These robust, multigenerational Firepits have been made to endure the extreme weather conditions of the North and high temperatures. Gather around the round firepit with your family and friends and enjoy the charming atmosphere and open fire cooking together.

Muurikka Sets

A Muurikka Set provides you with everything you need for successful outdoor cooking. You can add various accessories to the sets. The powerful gas burner heats up quickly and its power is easy to adjust. The windshield keeps the flame from going out too easily.

Gas burners

The powerful Muurikka Gas Burners heat up quickly and the power is easy to adjust. The round gas burners, or burner rings, are available with short and long legs. The D-300 and D-400 burners with short legs fit on top of the Summer Kitchen cart, the burner is easy to fix to the cart.  The windshield of the burners keeps the flame from going out too easily. Depending on the size of the gas burner, you can use different Muurikka Pans, paella pans, wok pans and smoking containers. You can also add a boiling and frying tray onto the D-300 and D-400 gas burners, allowing the use of cooking and frying vessels on the burner. With it, you can boil potatoes in a pot or use a frying pan, for example.

A classic among pans

Muurikka has become the Finnish common name for outdoor frying pans. The original Muurikka Pan was developed by the founders of Muurikka in the 1970s. The story began with the idea of breaking a water heater in half to broaden the use to frying.

This idea was developed further, and the first Muurikka Pans were made of inspection hatches of steel tanks. A completely new word and future legend, Muurikka Pan, was born. Muurikka griddle pans are still made in Finland, although industrially nowadays, and hundreds of thousands of Muurikka Pans of different sizes have been sold.

Muurikka Pans

Even though the product name Muurikka has become the Finnish common name for all outdoor frying pans and griddle pans, there is only one genuine Muurikka. Classic pans that only get better over the years. The pans are very versatile; you can use them on an open fire, in diverse grills, with a gas burner and a Summer Kitchen. Muurikka Pans are available in various sizes, with and without detachable legs. With these sturdy pans, you can cook everything from appetisers to desserts. For seasoning Muurikka Pans, you will need Muurikka Silava Frying Fat, and the Muurikka Frying Spray is an excellent aid to frying.


For open fire Muurikka is known as a manufacturer of durable camping dishes. The products are lightweight, so they are easy to take anywhere. Campfire delicacies will make your adventure an unforgettable one! High-quality camping products are also a great and welcome gift to outdoor enthusiasts.


High-quality grilling accessories add the finishing touch to the outdoor cooking experience! Cooking requires all kinds of accessories – not just for the actual cooking, but also for protection. We offer high-quality Muurikka accessories for your outdoor kitchen. With Muurikka Pans, you will need good and sturdy grill tongs and spatulas for turning the food. For the first seasoning and regular care of Muurikka Pans, you will need Muurikka Silava Frying Fat and the handy Muurikka Frying Spray for cooking. We also provide protective covers for Summer Kitchens and Electric Smoking Ovens to keep your products clean and safe from moisture.

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